Could anyone help with solve this issue

I have 12 questions in a call audit smartsheet so the formula is as follows

=((COUNTIF([Question1]@row:[Question12]@row, "poor") * 0.25) + (COUNTIF([Question1]@row:[Question12]@row, "fair") * 0.5) + (COUNTIF([Question1]@row:[Question12]@row, "good") * 0.75) + COUNTIF([Question1]@row:[Question12]@row, "Excellent")) / 12

which works well but I need a line for N/A that is equal to good E.G. same value as good but so you would know if the answer to a question was good or N/A.

I do not want the person being audited to be marked up or down for a N/A answer hence being equal to good, but I can figure it out please help


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