Getting the $ to show up in a dashboard report

I have a dash board report that for some reason is not showing the $ on the report. It is set to US Currency in the metric page and on the report but will not show up that way on the report. It is doing it on others and I am not quite sure why. Can anyone guide me on this issue?

Minni Florence

Senior Project Coordinator

Industrial Properties Construction


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Minni ,

    I have been able to reproduce what you report only during the preview of the Bar Chart Widget, once changes are saved, the currency values showed up in my Chart:

    Before saving widget:

    After saving widget:

    If this doesn't align with the behavior you experience and you are sure that the source Column/Cells sourced by the Widget are formatted as currencies, you may want to raise a ticket with our Support team via this form.

    I hope that this can be of help.



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