COUNTIF Blanks From Metrics Sheet based on Status Column

Sherry Fox
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First I have 2 sheets:

Sheet (data is collected from a Form)

Metrics Sheet (data from Sheet is counted so dashboard can be cvreated)

My counts have been working no problem. The formula I use right now is:

=COUNTIF({Workstream Name}, [Primary Column]@row)

But Now I need to count the number of blanks, without getting the blank rows at the end of the sheet. So like with Excel I thought an IF statement would work. However, this statement results in "Invalid Operation". I do not understand why this is happening. I want the count to be, based on how many records in the Status Field have an entry (or not a blank field), how many records in the Workstream field have blanks, otherwise enter 0.

=IF({Status} <> "", COUNTIF({Workstream Name}, ""), 0)

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