Summing up a col without its first 5 rows

Nitzan ✭✭
edited 11/07/22 in Formulas and Functions

Hey guys,

I'm trying to sum up all the rows above a certain row, but without the first four rows. for example:

At row 6 I want to sum only the values 0 and 14 from col "FE Days" to col "Sum Above". To row 7: 0,14 and 2.

I tried this formula: =SUMIF([Row ID(static)]:[Row ID(static)], <=[Row ID(static)]@row, [FE Days]:[FE Days]) - SUM([FE Days]1:[FE Days]4)

But it won't let me make it a col formula, I can only to it manually. It there an option to achieve it in a col formula way?

Thank you very much

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