HI all

I am trying to create a formula and not having much luck,

I am trying to work out a weighted total using a weighted figure which multiplies by a number in another cell but there are 14 other columns that need to do the same and add into the total

so = row1 cell "data incorrect" * Row 9 + same formula for all the others - totaled into the total cell at the bottom left ( hope this makes sense)


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sue van Niekerk

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you need the cell in the "Weight" column to be multiplied by the cell in the top row of whatever column the formula is in.

    In this case, I would use the @row feature to first reference the Weight in this current row:


    Then you can * or multiply this by the cell in row number 1. We can use an Absolute Reference ($) to keep the formula always looking at row number one: $1

    =Weight@row * [DATA INCORRECT MAJOR Non Compliance]$1

    We'll also want to add an Absolute Reference to the "Weight" reference, so our formula always looks at that first column:

    =$Weight@row * [DATA INCORRECT MAJOR Non Compliance]$1

    Then you can drag this formula over to the right, across all rows. This will update the cell reference in the top row to look in the current column while keeping the first reference always looking at the Weight column. See: Create a Cell or Column Reference in a Formula

    If I misunderstood and you're also looking to multiply the values in row 4 (your totals) along with this calculation, you can include that as well:

    =$Weight@row * [DATA INCORRECT MAJOR Non Compliance]$1 *[DATA INCORRECT MAJOR Non Compliance]$4

    Let me know if this has helped!



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