How do I make the word "false" stop showing in my JOIN formula

I have several formulas in different sheets with a JOIN formula. I am running into false showing in the column with the formula and am experiencing staff confusion with it saying that. How can I make that go away?

This is the current formula: =JOIN([NURSE TAKING ORDER/ VO AND TO ORDERS ONLY]@row:[Verbal/Telephone Order Entered By]@row)

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    The JOIN formula is going to combine all the values from the entire range between [NURSE TAKING ORDER/ VO AND TO ORDERS ONLY]@row and [Verbal/Telephone Order Entered By]@row. So any columns in between those are included. Are any of the columns in this range a boolean type column, such as a checkbox, flag, or star column? If so, your JOIN is turning blank boolean cells into the text value of "false".


    Jeff Reisman

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