Creating INVOICE. JOIN and make blank as 0

Volodymyr L
Volodymyr L ✭✭✭
edited 11/11/22 in Formulas and Functions

Good day

I have created pipeline of creating multiply invoices, documents as automation

But i have few questions. One of critical problem is

If the first task has 0 hours - i miss the cell and the next number is located near wrong task ( or artist )

The problem is only if we have first cell as 0

My formula is

=JOIN(COLLECT([Столбец 2]7:[Столбец 2]13; [Основной столбец]7:[Основной столбец]13; =[Столбец 4]@row); (CHAR(10) + CHAR(10)));

Very common formula. I don`t understand how to add IF ISBLANK for this situation


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