How do I remove a duplicate value based on 2 column criteria?


I'm working on a vacation calendar for my team and also using the same sheet to list what tasks needs to be covered. If a person has more than 1 task to cover for a specific day, their name will show up multiple times for that day. I did an automation where if the Covering RA column and OOO Date column are not blank, it moves a copy to a new sheet. I wanted the new sheet to then delete any duplicates if the same person is listed more than once for that same date, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to delete duplicates.

For example: If I have 2 tasks that need to be covered on 11/24, my name shows up twice on the calendar for 11/24.

I've tried using conditional formatting and IFS formula, but can't get it to work out quite the way I want it to. End goal is to remove the duplicate value from the new/second sheet and only keep one row. For instance, the 2nd row would automatically be deleted from the screenshot above.

Any suggestions on how to get this accomplished?

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