Unique names from a list of names


Is there any formula in smart sheet which can show all the unique name from the column containing various names????

I have tried many formulas mentioned in various discussion in smart sheet community but none of them are working properly,

If possible, kindly share the link of discussion which can solve my problem or share the formula


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @CIEPL_1234

    There are a couple of ways you could do this. Perhaps the easiest would actually be to create a Row Report from your sheet, then Group the Report by that column with the names!

    Then you can collapse the groupings so you have one list of all the unique names, and if you expand each name you can see all the associated rows. Here's a free webinar that goes through this feature: Redesigned Reports with Grouping and Summary Functions

    If you want to bring all the unique names into one cell, you could use a JOIN formula for this. You'll want to set up a text/number column, then I would personally use Wrap Text on that cell and a delimiter of CHAR(10), or a line break, to separate the values.

    Try a structure like this:

    =JOIN(DISTINCT(COLLECT([Name Column]:[Name Column], [Name Column]:[Name Column], <> "")), CHAR(10))



  • CIEPL_1234

    Thanks for your reply, I will try and will let you know if my problem is solved or not.

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