Pre-Completion of a Form from another sheet


I've got a couple of sheets that work together. On the first, I enter the basic details and then send a request to a manager that has the link to a form on the second sheet with a number of fields pre-completed with the data from the first sheet. They then complete all the other required fields.

It works just as I want but I'm having issues with a date field I have added.

It works and sends the second form over with all the dates pre completed, including the date, but its putting the date in as DD/MM/YY and when the user submits, the error comes up that its not in correct DD/MM/YYYY format. They change it by clicking the date drop down and it works.

I've set the date field in both sheets to DD/MM/YYYY but can't seem to get it to work. Both fields are in the date format.

Its a big formula so I've extracted the date element here,

FORM LINK GOES HERE then SUBSTITUTE([Employee Name]@row, " ", "%20") + "&Effective%20Date=" + SUBSTITUTE([Effective Date]@row, " ", "%20")

Any ideas?



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