TODAY isn't calculating correctly

I'm creating essentially a countdown timer to when something was last reviewed. The formula below returns exactly what I am looking for, except the date seems to be off by about 6 months. Meaning a document that was reviewed 07/26/2022 is returning "Five" when it should actually be returning "Four", and a document reviewed on 10/26/2022 isn't returning anything at all.

=IF([Last Reviewed]@row <= TODAY(-365), "Empty", IF([Last Reviewed]@row <= TODAY(-300), "One", IF([Last Reviewed]@row <= TODAY(-240), "Two", IF([Last Reviewed]@row <= TODAY(-180), "Three", IF([Last Reviewed]@row <= TODAY(-120), "Four", IF([Last Reviewed]@row <= TODAY(-60), "Five"))))))

Do I need to define TODAY? If so, where do I do that?


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