Formula to show if a single contact list entry exists in a different multiple contact list entry

Long time fan, first time community poster, but I have a formula help request.

See the screenshot of what I am trying to accomplish.

Basically I have three columns.

Column 1 = Single Contact list that will always have a contact (In this example we call them "Person A")

Column 2 = Multiple Contact list that will have 2-4 names in it (In this example we call them "Person A" and "Person B"

Helper Formula Column = I need a true/false formula to know if Contact A exists in Column 2

I have tried variants of =IF(Contains... and =IF(Has(... and have not got it working correctly.

This should be easy...right?

If you are curious, it will be used for the automated proofing columns. We use PRIMARY approvers as the final word on proofs and we can't call something "Approved" unless they give their word. We often have SECONDARY approvers on proofs who may not even state their opinion. I'd want just once a PRIMARY approver says its approved, then we get a column stating so (that is not how the automated proof status columns work).


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