Form Logic - AND?


Having an issue with Logic within Forms. I have 2 situations where the logic doesn't seem to be going my way:

I have 4 types of NCF, which control the majority of follow up questions:

  1. Purchased Parts
  2. Sub-Assembly
  3. Customer Supplied
  4. Finished Goods

Selecting either, allows the CT/Commercial field to open, I then want this to drive additional logic.

1st Issue:

IPR field should only show when the Type of NCF is 2/3/4 and is Commercial.

However, it is populating on all types of NCF. I suspect its because I can't use AND logics on Forms.

If I add the IPR field to open if 2/3/4 selected, it ignores the Commercial/CT rule.

2nd issue:

For NCF 4 (Finished Goods) and Commercial, I need the following fields to show:

For NCF 4 (Finished Goods) and CT, I need the following fields to show:

If I add these fields to open for just NCF 4, it ignores the Commercial/CT Rule.

Is there anyway around this?


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