sumifs formula with various criteria

I was wanting some help with a sumifs formula where I'm trying to sum a qty if another column meets certain criteria and then the date column is between 2 dates. My current formula is:

=SUMIFS({QTY}, {Team Member}, "Team Member 1", {Date Absent}, [Start of Month]@row >= [Start of Month]@row, {Date Absent}, [Last Day of Month]@row <= [Last Day of Month]@row)

When {Qty} contains a number, {Team Member} contains a team member name and {Date Absent} contains a date - all referencing another sheet. The [Start of Month] and [Last Day of Month] are date columns on the sheet containing the formula.

I am trying to find the sum of amounts in {Qty} when it says "Team Member 1" in {Team Member} and the date in {Date Absent} is between the date in [Start of Month] and the date in [Last Day of Month}.

What do I have wrong in the formula?

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