Dependency based on column

Hi. I am hoping I am submitting this into the right area. I have a project that has columns instead of rows that are dependencies. I am needing the due dates to factor in only working days. Is there a setting or formula that can make this work. The columns are below. Thanks in advance

  • Start Creating Content - 11/7/22 (duration is 10 working days)
  • First Draft Due (dependent on the completion of Start) 11/18/22 (duration 2 days)
  • Review Returned (dependent on the completion of First Draft Due) 11/22/22 (duration 2 days)
  • Video Due (dependent on completion of Review Returned) 11/25/22 (duration 3 days)
  • Finish and Upload Content (dependent on completion of Video Due) 11/28/22 (duration 1 day)

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