November Release Notes

Amber Blodgett
Amber Blodgett Employee Admin
edited 03/30/23 in Brandfolder

Hey there, Brandfolder Community! Check out the latest and greatest with Brandfolder below ⬇️

  • Content Automation: Empower non-creatives to customize content and get to market at scale and at speed. Content automation allows any organization to build consistent brand assets, on-demand, without sapping time from your creative team. 
  • User Group Management: Setting permissions in Brandfolder has never been more simple. Admins and owners can now define groups of users and provide the appropriate level of access to content they need to be successful.
  • New Insights Data Connector Table: Share link data in Insights Data Connector means you can now understand how share links are being used, which assets are driving engagement, and how share links drive engagement in your Brandfolder. 
  • Enhanced Insights Data Connector: Our Insights Data Connector just got more powerful with a new table to view your Share Link data. You are now able to understand how your Share Links are being used, which assets are driving engagement, and how Share Links drive engagement throughout your Brandfolder. 
  • Standard Reports: Organizations can now generate monthly reports with their key data as .csv files. We’ve simplified the process to dig into user engagement, asset and share link performance, CDN link activity and more. This will be available to customers in Premium or Enterprise plans, and two months of retroactive reports will be available at launch.
  • Limits at the Brandfolder Level: If you’re an organization with multiple brands or an agency that manages several Brandfolders, you can now set specific usage, admin, and collaborator limits on each Brandfolder. You can effectively ensure that each brand has the allocation they need to succeed.
  • Share Link Defaults: Save time and improve your security posture by using default share link settings. As an admin, you can now default share links to private or public and set a default number of days until expiration. In addition, you'll be able to multi-select and bulk delete share links.
  • Highspot Integration: All assets that are updated in your organization’s Brandfolder will now be automatically reflected in Highspot, so that all of your sales partners will have the most up-to-date, on-brand assets at their fingertips.