Calculate Aging "in buckets" for Open Records (on a Metrics Sheet)

I am doing aging, but my numbers are off by one. I have exported the file, but I cannot find where the issue is. But that is when I noticed that my formulas were NOT correct (How I wanted them). The formulas are all based on a Status = Open. I realized for my middle formulas, I should have used AND and included the max range, but when I attempted, "Unparsable". My Worksheet comes out with 12 total for Open Records. However these formulas display 13 records, which means something is not being counted properly.

Less than 30 Days

=COUNTIFS({Initial Escalation Date}, >WORKDAY(TODAY(), -29), {Status}, ="Open")

30 - 59 Days

=COUNTIFS({Initial Escalation Date}, <=WORKDAY(TODAY(), -30), {Status}, ="Open")

60 - 89 Days

=COUNTIFS({Initial Escalation Date}, <=WORKDAY(TODAY(), -60), {Status}, ="Open")

90 Days or Greater

=COUNTIFS({Initial Escalation Date}, <=WORKDAY(TODAY(), -90), {Status}, ="Open")

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