How we can verify refresh token mechanism if token will expire in 7 days?

For our smartsheet account, Access token is getting expired in 7 days. As we refer to the support documents, we need to implement the refresh token to make it working continuously.

One challenge we are facing here, after implementing a refresh token mechanism. We are not able to verify due to the current feature where expired token becomes invalid after generating the new access token and now we have to wait for 7 days to get the token expired again.

Could you help us with some resolution on how we could test if our refresh mechanism is working effectively or not? Instead of waiting for 7 day as it's impacting our deliverables

Is it possible to change the expires_in which comes in response when we generate a new token? So we can verify the refresh mechanism functionality.


  access_token: '****',

  token_type: 'bearer',

  refresh_token: '***',

  expires_in: 604799