Hey! I am looking for a formula that will count projects by user but exclude

Right now i have a list of projects with the users who are doing them, and each project has a status. I want to total each project by user name but exclude any projects with Closed Won or Cancelled status. This is what I have below which is giving me the total projects but it is not excluding the Closed Won status..? help!

=COUNTIFS({RFP Tracker Range 3}, Metric@row, {RFP Tracker Range 3}, OR(@cell <> "Closed Won"))

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  • Ryan Sides
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    @spothier1 You were close. It looks like your formula is referencing the same RFP Tracker Range 3. Was that a typo?

    I'm guessing your Metric column lists your user names and RFP Tracker Range 3 is also the list of names.

    Try this one...

    =COUNTIFS({RFP Tracker Range 3}, Metric@row, {RFP Tracker Range X}, AND(@cell <> "Closed Won", @cell <> "Cancelled"))

    Be sure to update the {RFP Tracker Range X} above with the correct reference name for the status column.

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