RAG Automation: Difference Between 2 Dates

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I am Trying to Modify the Formula Below to Add Yellow if The Difference Between Plan Vs Actual is 4 Days Behind Plan, otherwise greater than 4 Days Behind Plan is Red

=IF([Milestone Date (Plan)]@row = [Milestone Date (Actual)]@row, "Green", IF([Milestone Date (Plan)]@row > [Milestone Date (Actual)]@row, "Green", IF([Milestone Date (Plan)]@row < [Milestone Date (Actual)]@row, "Red")))


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  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Sorry, I misunderstood.

    Try this

    =IF([Milestone Date (Plan)]@row = [Milestone Date (Actual)]@row, "Green", IF([Milestone Date (Plan)]@row > [Milestone Date (Actual)]@row, "Green", IF(AND([Milestone Date (Actual)]@row > [Milestone Date (Plan)]@row, [Milestone Date (Actual)]@row <= [Milestone Date (Plan)]@row + 4), "Yellow", IF([Milestone Date (Actual)]@row > [Milestone Date (Plan)]@row + 4, "Red"))))



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