I need a spreadsheet to pull data from another sheet just like a report would


Below is a screenshot from a report... It pulls from a spreadsheet that has all the columns you see below.

I am pulling data only from certain columns (not all). See below...

I'm also using a filter... The 1 value selected happens to be "STP"

And here's my question - if I want to create a spreadsheet to do what the report is doing, what formula would I use? VLOOKUP, CONTAINS? I can't figure this out.

Note - In the "Ancillary Value Stream(s)" column above, I am looking only for any cells that contain "STP." Whenever "STP" appears on that cell, I want to pull data from select columns in that row.

The end result will be a new spreadsheet that has filtered rows of data just like a report would.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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