How to run one formula or another



How would I write the following formula where it is either the first one or the second one? Right now, it seems to work, but I can see the potential for error with using the + sign. I just want it to run one formula if the conditions are met or the other if the conditions are met. If neither conditions are met, then I want the cell to be blank. I tried unsuccessfully to incorporate OR in the formula. Hoping someone else might know. Thanks in advance!

=IFERROR(IF([PCD Status Draft 1]@row = "In process", NETWORKDAYS([PCD Draft 1 Start Date]@row, TODAY(0), {Holidays})), "") + IFERROR(IF([PCD Status Draft 1]@row = "Sent to SME", NETWORKDAYS([PCD Draft 1 Start Date]@row, [SME Draft 1 Review Start Date]@row, {Holidays})) - 1, "")


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