How do I pull the due date from 1 smartsheet into a different smartsheet?

One of my company teams tracks tasks and due dates in client specific sheets. Let's refer to this smartsheet as the 'Original' sheet.

I track my team's work in a separate sheet. Let's refer t this smartsheet as the 'Personal' sheet. I want to pull the due dates from the Original smartsheet into the Personal smartsheet.

I tried this to formula to pull the due date from the Original smartsheet into my Personal smartsheet.

=DATE({XYZ Implementation Plan Range 2})

I received this error:



  1. The date I'm trying to pull from the Original sheet is a calculated date based on predecessors.
  2. I merely want to pull this date into the Personal sheet so I can compare the Original dates with the Personal dates to confirm if I need to update my Jira tickets or negotiate different timelines.
  3. I have created a unique column in the Personal sheet with the column type of Date to pull in the date from the Original sheet.

Thanks for your help!

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    you can right click the cell and link from another sheet ("Link from Cell in Other Sheet...")if the references are static, or use an INDEX MATCH with other sheet references for the range to lookup the values if you want to do it dynamically.


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