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Rules for rows generated via web form entries...

Good day everyone, I'm looking to perform the following using a webforms.

When a webform is populated and a specific dropdown choice is selected, in smart sheet I want that row to be relocated to a specific category.


For example:

1. I have 3 parent Territories: Canada, US, and Mexico.

2. I want each territory to have it's own row or column. Haven't figured out placement yet.

3. When a new webform is entered selecting any of the three territories, the new row that is created in smart sheet will move to one of the parent territories Canada, US, or Mexico.

Is there a way to make this happen?


  • Hi—

    There isn't currently a way in Smartsheet to automatically move rows in a sheet based on criteria. With that being said, you might consider using our API or a third party automation service such as Zapier to build the automation that you need.

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