Order of client health based on 2 columns

Hey Everyone! I am looking for assistance on the best way to do this. What I want is to prioritize our clients whos health is at the highest risk so we can plan to focus on the top "problem clients"

This is my conditional formatting if you need it

Is there a way to list(numerically or whatever way would be best) worst health from highest to lowest based on Days in AR Variance AND 120% Variance


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    For sure but you'll need to first fix the #INVALID OPERATION errors you're getting in the "Days in AR Variance" column. That would be easy with an IFERROR formula if you already have a formula in the rows in that column.

    Then you'll need to identify what values in the two columns should provide which results and of those results which are weighed higher than the others. Make sure to include what to do when the "Days in AR Variance" are blank due to the errors you clear out, if that's how you handle those. Finally, you'll need to choose how you want that weighed list displayed.

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