Difference between already paid and total paid

Hey there,

is there a way to automatically calculate the difference between

  • already paid
  • total to pay

amount when status is "payment planned" or "invest planned"

or is it better to have another column "already paid" and to build a formula there

that calculates "total amount (frequency)" x frequency since start of payment ?


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Jörg Schmidt1

    You can thread SUMIF or SUMIFS functions within IF statements. So you could do something like:

    =IF(Zahlungsstatus@row="Investition geplant", SUMIF

    and then nest another IF statement into the false condition of the first.

  • Hi @Andrée Starå

    do you have an idea for a formula in my 2nd sheet "bill status overview"

    I want to calculate "total sum yearly" minus "already paid amount" (that changes according to chosen payment mode f.e. if it is monthly payment, payment starts on January 1st and it is February 3rd I already had two payments

    first example in screenshot: 222,07 € minus 37,02 € (18,51 x 2) = 185,05 € open amount in January because payment start in December 22.

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