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Quick question. if this following formula brings back a numeric value how can i expand the equation to return a percentage of a total. I tried dividing the entire formula by the total row but that didn't work. Any advice. i want the chart below to return percentages. for example, the first row the '3' should say 1 - which i would then convert to percentage and it would reflect 100.

=COUNTIF({S&0- Transformation PMO Range 5}, [Column7]30)


  • Christian Graf
    Christian Graf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Khanambano,

    I would suggest doing as you suggested and dividing the value by the Total column.

    =COUNTIF({S&0- Transformation PMO Range 5}, [Column7]30) / [Total]@row

    You should get 1, and decimals for the rest of the values. This should work If you change the column to a percentage format using the Expanding three dots on the tool bar ... and selecting the percentage symbol.

    Hope this helps!

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