Change progress bar to full once checkbox is checked

Hi, I looked around at a lot of other similar questions but they were all for really complicated formulas that didn't apply-

I tried doing this with a mix of automation and formula, but no such luck.

We're building a to-do/ task sheet, and all we need is pretty simple- we want to be able to manipulate the progress bar manually to show quarter or half progress etc as we work on tasks, but also want an automation where once the 'done' checkbox is checked, the status bar changes to full. I already have one where checking done changed the status to complete and affects conditional formatting, but I want the bar to change to show complete too. The automations still don't have a 'change cell value' option for the progress bar which is really frustrating. I know you can put a formula in the progress bar cell to determine what level it's at based on what a dropdown status is, but that wouldn't apply because I don't want it auto changing to any other amount other than full. Could I accomplish this with a helper row? Or is this impossible?

In summary: I want to click the 'done' checkbox and have the whole row marked out as complete in one step: have the status change (already figured out), grey out the row (already figured out), and have the progress bar go to full (need help)

Thank you!!


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