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I have a sheet that holds the anniversaries and birthdates of each employee, and a few automations to send a reminder 1 week before and 1 day before. Since I made the sheet last July, it has worked fine, but now I'm seeing some issues come up. What I received this morning was a correct one, along with one that was 2 days passed (3 days since the last email should have been sent). How can I fix this, I have double checked the automations and none of them have changed. The dates are a formula that updates to the current year so that it can be used as a trigger for the automation, and these issues started with the new year, so I think that might be related.

The formula: =date(year(today()), month([Birthday]@row), day([Birthday]@row))

It is working for most still, but I can't figure out why this one came out wrong, and another one was missed entirely.


  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers
    edited 01/09/23

    @Desertbird The problem is probably today(). This formula only updates if the sheet is opened. Instead, you need to create a helper column which you can call today, then you need to set up a record a date automation and have it run every single day, you also may need one for when new rows are added. In your formula you will reference today@row instead of today(). For the condition just pick a column that would always have data in it.

    If today() is the reason for your issues it's probably just because the switch of the new year.

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