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I have a workday formula in place now which calculates an expected due date from the date of submission. I've checked the results and find that the calculations are off by 10 days.

The expected date should be a combination of two SLAs.

The first calculating the due date from the submitted date using a department SLA of 2

The second calculating from the Stakeholder Turnover date using a department B SLA of either 20 or 10

The original formula reads as follows:


The second I wanted to use is below and I get unparseable.

=WORKDAY([Submitted@row], GPGSLA@row,[DepartmentB@row],SLA@row))

The GPG SLA is 2 and Department B SLA is either 20 or 10

Any ideas to make this work? Appreciate any insight you can give me.

Thank you very much,


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