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I have a formula in a customer field that identifies if a task is on schedule or behind, but I want to use a RYG circle that automatically updates based on the disposition of the formula. For example, if the task is shown as behind schedule, then I want the circle to be red. Is that possible?


  • MichaelTCA
    MichaelTCA ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Liz_Snavely

    Yes, it is possible. The circles use "Red", "Yellow", and "Green" to identify which to use. The column properties will have to be set to this parameter.

    For example:

    =IF([DUE DATE]@row - TODAY() < 0,"Red","Green")

    I have a function for a health column using the RYG circles that covers a lot of criteria. The function is very long because of how many conditions there are.

    A tip would be to group as many conditions together as possible that contain the same result using AND/OR functions. Also, I like to start with the most critical situations when writing the function.

    Such as:

    Past Due Date is Late - "Red"

    1 to 5 Days from Due Date - "Yellow"

    ELSE - "Green".

    That way you don't have to write in everything for all 3 colors in the function. Just the 2 critical values and when everything else is false have the False value as "Green" like the examples above.

    Keep in mind, IF functions read like a book (left to right), so if you do have a lot of criteria I recommend mapping out the criteria for each RYG result before creating the function. The sequence of each criteria makes a big difference. Especially when you have multiple conditions per result.

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