SmartSheet Filter Issue - Please Help!

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Hello all,

I've run into an issue where one of my users added a filter called "Filter" to a sheet that has caused an issue. I'm looking for some help.

When the filter is ON, the sheet has 900 rows full of data. When I turn the filter OFF, the sheet only displays 10 rows of data. I have included a screenshot of the filter's settings below. This is the only filter in the sheet.

If I try to delete the filter (so there are no filters remaining on the sheet), I am left with only 10 rows of data. All the other data disappears. For the life of me I cannot understand why disabling / removing / deleting this filter is hiding data. Based on the settings of the filter, it seems that removing it should display more data, not less.

I want to remove the filter and just have ALL my data visible. How can I do this?

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