How to use COUNTIFS Month/Year with cell displaying Month/Year

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A report is initially downloaded into Excel and a marco places the report date into each cell in the Report Date column. The entire report is then copied into Smartsheet. I will refer to it as the report.

A "Metrics" sheet will be counting various categories from the report for each month in a biennium. In one of the first columns the user will select the first day of the beginning of the biennium. Each month in the biennium along with the year is displayed in row 4. The formula for row 4 is show in the image below.

The formula in row 5 of the metrics sheet is to display to total number of row/entries for each month. I have reviewed several similar questions on counting using CLOUNTIFS and matching the month and year. In the image below are a couple of the variations I have tried, and the formula has resulted in an error message or a 0. In the formula {RngReportMonthYear] is the column in the report which contains the date of the report, for example 11/7/22. It does not matter what day during the month the report was pulled, only the month and year.

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