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I am trying to create metrics to review milestone phases for 2023 by week. I had my formula counting if the milestone phase is a certain value, if the date of that milestone phase was in a certain week of the year, and that the date value is not blank:

That works great. However, because I did not define the year to look at, it is counting dates that are in 2022 as you can see here:

So I went to add a new argument to only count if the year is 2023 but I get an invalid operation error when I have the function like this:

I already have an argument in that that addresses any blank cells in the range, but is the first argument in the function counting that or is it that I need to define that again in the same way as I'm defining what year to look for as well? Or is it that I have too many arguments on this range now at this point?

I hope this is making sense and I've given enough information. I really appreciate any help on this!

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