Change risk color per multiple variables


Hello. Need some help with a multi variable formula.

  • I have a RISK column. The column type is Symbols (Red, Yellow, Green).
  • I have an END date column.
  • I have a STATUS column (Not Started, In Progress, Complete)

I'd like create a formula that by default the RISK is Green (green circle). If it is 2 days past END date it goes Yellow (yellow triangle) and if it is 4 days past END date it goes Red (red octagon).

Here is the formula I started but it needs more variables.

=IF(AND(End@row >= TODAY(-4), Status@row = "In Progress"), "Green", "Red")

Essentially, I want it to say:

"If END DATE is 4 days past due, and the STATUS is "In Progress" or "Not Started, then change RISK to RED, otherwise it should be GREEN.

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