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Hi All! I'm trying to use the Summary in a sheet to tabulate an object count between a date range.

I'm trying to get a Sum of cells in a column "Number of Objects", if the "Date Imported" is between a range, 09/01/21- 08/31/22. The formula I'm using is returning "0". The formula is :

=SUMIF([Date Imported]:[Date Imported], AND(@cell < DATE(2021, 9, 1), @cell > DATE(2022, 8, 31)), [Number of Objects]:[Number of Objects])

Does the format of the date matter? Current format is "04/06/22 1:18 PM"

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    Your formula is trying to find a cell with a date that's less than Sept 1st 2021 and greater than August 31st 2022. That's not possible. I think you just need to reverse the greater than and less than symbols in your formula so it's looking for something that's greater than Sept 1st 2021 but less than August 31st 2022.


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