Automatically deleting the oldest duplicate in a sheet

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Just got into SmartSheet as an app and connected it through Zapier to Insightly to automatically update certain things.

I've been trying to have a list of opportunities we have and change it each time it updates.

Realized how to detect duplicates but it either deletes all the duplicates (Meaning the newest, most accurate row as well)

Is there a workaround that lets me delete only duplicates that are older and leaves only the newest one? Adding a "creation" date doesn't work for me since it will only work if there is only 1 update/day.

Thank you!

Radek Homola


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Radek.H,

    It looks like a formula to detect the oldest duplicates might be the best solution but, in order to help with that, could you provide some captures of your sheet layout?



  • RossNovotny

    @Radek.H My team and I developed a Smartsheet/Zapier integration that will help you with this. You should be able to look up the desired text in a column either from bottom up or top down, and find the oldest entry you are looking for. From there, you could clear or replace the information in the row or Move it to another sheet that acts as an "Archive". If you'd like an invite, sign up here:

    Hope it helps.

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