How can I abstract the first line from a cell?



I found a post about abstracting the last line from a cell but was unable to find anything about abstracting the first line. I used the formula provided by the support team and modified it to read at the beginning of the cell (LEFT() instead of RIGHT()) but I am not getting solely the first line.

=LEFT(Notes@row, LEN(Notes@row) - FIND("~", SUBSTITUTE(Notes@row, CHAR(10), "~", LEN(Notes@row) - LEN(SUBSTITUTE(Notes@row, CHAR(10), "")))))

Below is a sample of what is occurring. Our teams put our most recent notes at the top of the cell and use alt+enter to create line breaks between each update (see "Notes"). In the "Current Note" field, I get part of the second row populating which we do not want.

I only need "20221103-Terry: Contract still pending." to show in Current Note. Here is an example:

Additional Context: The original post uses "~" as a unique symbol (and our team does not use it in notes currently) hence it being included. I have also tried to play with the CHAR(10) but then it copies everything from the "Notes" field.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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