Cross-sheet formula?


Hello Smartsheets Team,

I'm curious if it's possible to enter a value on one sheet, and have it go through a formula on another sheet, then return the end result back to my main sheet. Basically I have a sheet with multiple vendors and associated formulas for each vendor to get a final price (there's many details for the formula for each vendor, so I was attempting to avoid a long formula and extra columns on my main sheet). If I enter a value on my main sheet in a specific column and it matches a certain vendor in another column, I would need it to use a specific formula for the vendor it matches with. Has anyone done something like this before/is it possible? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Essentially: If I enter an item price in column A, and vendor in column B is "Vendor 1", use the formula for "Vendor 1" from Sheet B and return the final value back to my main sheet.


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