How to access "Schedule Variance"

I see that "Variance" is the delta of baseline vs actual end dates. I see the variance column showing the delta for each row, and also see "Variance" when I select Baselines in the toolbar on Gantt View. How can I extract the variance information for the whole project (i.e. the information I see after clicking the baseline's button)?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @E. Robert Shanfeld

    Would you mind clarifying what it is you're looking for, or why you want to reference that specific data? Are you looking to display the text "On Schedule" in a cell in your sheet, or on a Dashboard?

    If you're looking for text and not numbers, the way I would personally do this is set up a Field in the Sheet Summary area of my sheet. That way I can define how many days variance will equate to the words "On schedule", "Delayed", or any other status that I'd like. I'd then use a formula to look at the end date of the project and see how many days Variance is displayed in the column. Based on that number, I'd display a different text value using a Nested IF statement. Does that make sense?

    Otherwise, the text associated with how many days you're behind or ahead is stored in the Baseline Summary, which cannot currently be referenced in a Dashboard. You could, however, simply use a Metric Widget to look at the final Variance cell, noting that as the variance, which would pull in the number to your Dashboard if that helps.



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