Negative Values corrupting integrity of Symbol Display Formulas

I've got a sheet that is setup with a "Synergy Savings Risk" column with a formula to show the red/yellow/green status based on the "Synergy $ Performance %" which is a formula comparing "Synergy/Dis-Synergy Actual $" column with "Synergy/Dis-Synergy Target $"

I have a problem in that when the "Synergy/Dis-Synergy Actual $" & "Synergy/Dis-Synergy Target $" holds negative values it skews the red/yellow/green statuses in the "Synergy Savings Risk" column. In the red boxes below you'll see an actual of -$222 compared to target, which is in fact favorable' less money spent, right? as such the "Synergy Savings Risk" should be displaying green, however it is showing yellow.

Can anyone advise how to resolve this or workaround for it?


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