SUMIF Function- exclude what has been completed

Mina S
Mina S
edited 01/18/23 in Formulas and Functions

Hi, I am trying to create a formula that shows how many pieces of art (POA) have not been completed in a given month and that have been completed in a given month.

Here is my table below. I am currently using this formula to sum how many POAs would be completed in a given month.

FORMULA: SUMIFS({High LevelArtwork Status: POA Count}, {High Level Artwork Status: FK DATE}, IFERROR(MONTH(@cell), 0) = [Primary Column]@row, {High Level Artwork Status: FK DATE}, IFERROR(YEAR(@cell), 0) = 2023)

But what I really need to do is once adate in January has passed, to have the cell not calculate that piece of art as part of the total anymore. Separately, I need to create another column that does calculate only what has been completed that month by only summing dates in the past for that month and year.

How would I change this formula in order to do that? Thank you!


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