Formula for return X value if there is ANY text in a cell, otherwise return text in another cell

Hi! I am working on a formula for a sheet that has a product column, a Use Cases column and a Tool column. I'm hoping to use a formula that says, "Look in the Use Cases column for any text. If you find text, return a "Use Case" in the Product column. If you can't find any words, then return the value in the Tool column in the Product column.

I was using the =IF(CONTAINS("a", [Use Cases]@row), "Use Case") formula.. but it's not quit there for two reasons:

  1. it the Use Cases column doesn't have a letter "a" then it will error out (row 7 as an example)
  2. I don't know how to write an exemption to the formula to return the "Tool" if the Use Cases column is blank.

In the image below, Row one of the sample, I would want it to return "Tool A" and using the current formula, row 7 won't return anything because it doesn't have an "a" in the Use Cases column.

What is the correct formula?

Thank you for the help!

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