I have set some formulas that should work with the values a user would enter into a form.

However, when I test this and submit a form, the forms data is entered below the cells that have the set formulas. 

I guess smartsheet thinks that this row is full and can't enter the form data here? Is there a way that I can get the form data entered into the rows that have the formulas in them? 

Note I am not trying to overwrite any cells. For example, the user inputs into the form the value 50 in column A, 2 in column B,  and I have set a formula in column C which equals A*B

Hope someone can help!



Hi Jessica,

To add to Mike's excellent advice.

Depending on your structure, you would need to add some hidden rows if required for the formula to auto-fill. Let me know if that's the case, and I'll explain in more detail.

I hope that helps!

Have a fantastic day!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant / CEO @ WORK BOLD