Card View is great.  I wanted to start a separate thread specfic to card sorting and card column positions in Card View.  Here are my initial questions.


1) What is the default sort/order within each column for cards in Card View?


2) What happens when a card is re-ordered, in the same column?  


3) Is there a value that changes for the position of the card when the card is moved?  If so, can end users see that value?  Can end users change that value directly?


4) Will the changed position be remembered when coming back to the sheet or going between other views and back to Card View?







Hi Stan,

I asked all the same questions a little earlier except #4.

I have the answer to #4. YES it stays in the same position in card view when you go back and forth and it DOES NOT change where it is in the grid view. It only changes how you see it in the Card View.

I guess the answer to # 2 would be, "nothing except where you see it in the view"

Default sort order is row order in grid view. New rows added in grid view are added to the bottom of whatever lane it belongs in in card view. 


When a card is moved its position is saved. Sheet collaborators all see the same card order/rank. Card rank is different and saved separately for each viewBy column (the column selected in the viewBy drop down menu.) Changes to card order/rank do not affect row order in grid view. 


As we store card rank, there is value that changes when a card is moved, but end users can't see that value. Moving a card via drag/drop is currently the only way for a user to directly change a card's rank. There are actions that effect ranks however, deleting cards, insert cards above/below via the card menu, to name a few. 


Hope this helps!

Thanks Heidi and Jason.  Good info.  Sorry I mised Heidi's earlier Q&A on this. I use a lot of reports for my viewing of tasks and often use a "forced rank" column for sorting.  I can imagine using the card position value somehow instead of the forced rank that I use, so it might be helpful to someday expsose the card positon value.  


Thanks again,



Row order is sort of ok, I'd rather be able to choose the parameter (such as start or finish date) but is there a way to reset the values? So like if I add a bunch of lines and it puts them all at the bottom, can I say, start over and order them according to the rows they're in? Also assuming this will forget any instances of rows that were manually shifted. 

Hi Mashcan-- There isn't currently a way to "reset" the cards in the Card View, but I've added your vote for this to our enhancement request list. Great suggestion! 

Is there a way to manipulate this through the API?

Hi Dennis-- There isn't a way to directly manipulate card ranks directly via tha API at present. 

Where are we at on this one?

I really think that it would be VERY useful to be able to sort your swimlanes by criteria that you choose.  Especially things like date, priority, % Complete, Harvey Ball... anything.

And, if you fear messing up the order of other things, this could be managed easily enough.  Already in the SS system you allow each card to have a 'rank' identifier.  Tie this into the requested sort parameter and then re-assign the card ranks based upon this 'rank' parameter.

Hello Smartsheet team, I see this idea was proposed 2 years ago. Do you know if it has been released/approved? I have tried to sort by date in the card view. Your help is appreciated.

yeah come on guys - can't be that difficult - you can't claim to Agile when you fail at this simple feature - sorry to be straight but how many years to upgrade this to the be congruent with your marketing materials? 

Related question: When you drag card from one lane to another lane. It drops to bottom of that lane.


I want to switch that (so dragging to a lane moves card to top of lane) - is that possible to do right now?


Also adding my support to more advanced automated card sorting that others have requested in this thread

Please get this done. +1 from me.

Coming from TeamWork Projects that has it and made me believe that sorting in the card view by date or other criteria is a given. Turns out, not with SmartSheet. Quite surprised and hoping for resolution.