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Cory Griffis
Cory Griffis ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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I've seen a few threads about this already, but none seem to have an acceptable solution. My particular use case is this:

We have a Master Schedule sheet with over 100 active projects (this sheet is updated by various project managers). Every Monday morning we open this sheet and review all projects that match a particular filter I've set up. There are also various other filters that help review the projects by department, project manager, etc.

Here's the problem:

There appears to be no way to automatically sort the sheet when a new project is added, which could cause huge problems during our company wide meeting if rows are not sorted at the beginning of every meeting.

It seems everyone is recommending using a report instead of the source sheet, so the data is automatically sorted. While I could accept having to add new projects in one sheet while reviewing data in a report, I cannot accept losing the ability to then filter the data. I would have to create a separate report for each filter I currently have set up. This would be far too cumbersome, for something that could easily be done with a single Google Sheet.

I cannot understand why auto-sorting is not an option in Smartsheet, but I would love to hear any solutions you may have for this particular situation. I've tried Zapier, but I don't see a way to sort a sheet based on a trigger.

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  • Please add AUTO SORT to SmartsheetGov too!!

  • + 1 on Auto sort!

  • +1 pls

  • yes please add autosort

  • It's almost 2 years since this issue was raised. It's a very useful feature and I don't understand why it takes so long to be implemented.

    Please advise if smartsheet has any timeline to implement this.

  • I just sent a request to add the autosort feature. So +1 for me!!!

  • Stacie Karkhoff
    Stacie Karkhoff ✭✭✭✭✭

    This would be so helpful - especially when it comes to using data shuttle to update dropdown lists! Or at least let me use reports to import/export for dropdowns!

  • Ryan Ogle
    Ryan Ogle ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hear our Cries Smartsheet. Please implement Autosort!

  • I concur that Auto Sort is a necessary and logical feature. The fact that it has not materialized in over a year of asks is telling.....🤨

  • We use Smartsheet as a operations logbook. Manual sorting by a set of columns is a mess by different operators is a mess. Please add an Auto Sort!

  • Surprised Auto Sort still isn't a thing. This would be very useful.

  • Auto sort please it will be really helpful

  • Yes please. If not auto-sort, give us an automation to sort a column.