Date Conditional Formatting

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Can someone please assist with how I can a conditional format setup for the below, or does this need to be a formula?

Use case below:

Column Services Date is a date I enter - I would like the entire row to turn yellow if it is has been 15 days from Column Services Date, and to turn entire row red if 20 days since Services Date entered.


  • Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Brittany Lucarell

    Good morning. There's probably a few different ways to do this. I find adding a hidden column helps in this situation. I hope the screen shot below helps.

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  • Hi -

    Unfortunately that setup won't work for how I want. I have screenshot the sheet to show how it is setup. I would like if the invoice status is blank and its been 15 days since the Service Date entered then to highlight row yellow. Then if the its been 20 days to highlight row red. Does that make sense?

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