Why does this return invalid data type? Any suggestions?

I'm trying to get a rolling 30 day issue count to return the 5th top number so I can give a list of clients that have the top 5 highest volumes of issues in the last 30 days.

=IF([Rolling 30]:[Rolling 30], 1, LARGE([Issue Count]:[Issue Count], 5))

My Rolling 30 column is a checkbox with a formula in it. =IF(TODAY(-30) < Created@row, 1)

My Issue Count column is a calculated number. =IF(Checkbox@row = 1, COUNTIF([Client Code]:[Client Code], =[Client Code]@row))

My thought was to make a rolling 30 checkbox column. This would be checked if the created date on the row is greater than today(-30). This seems to be functioning.

I would then only look at the rows that have a check mark in the Rolling 30 column and from there I would use the large function to pull the 5th largest number from the set.

After that I would pull it into a report and then create a chart with the results.

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