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Good day, I have a basic question, is there a way to use the TODAY function in a formula that will run the calculation and update my sheet without having to open the sheet everyday to "trigger" the calculation?

What I am getting at is I have a sheet that uses TODAY in many calculations, however, due to the size of the sheet, my team almost always uses reports & Dynamic Views to manage their projects and we almost never open the primary data sheet. This obviously causes issues with date calculations when using the TODAY function in the a formula.

Any suggestions???????

Thank you in advance.


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  • Jeff Reisman
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    @Michael Wilkesen

    A good workaround I found is to create a hidden helper Date column called "CurrentDate", then create a "Record a Date" automation rule that everyday places the current date in that column for every populated row in the sheet (use the condition block with something like Where Primary Column is not blank.) Then your formulas can use CurrentDate@row instead of TODAY() and won't need the sheet opened in order to refresh the current date.

    Edit: Just realized Andree pointed you to the same workaround :) Good luck!


    Jeff Reisman

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