COUNTIFS Formula Assistance - How to count date ranges

I am trying to create a COUNTIFS formula that has 4 ranges/criterions that pull references from another sheet. Below is the current formula. It was working right prior to adding the date ranges but I cannot figure out what is going wrong. The formula still works and pulls in 0 but that is not accurate, it should be coming out as 9.

  • Range 1: In this column, if the cell is 1 (checked box), count it
  • Range 2: In this column, if the cell equals "Site", count it
  • Range 3/4: In this column, if the cell is greater than or equal to this cell (date of 03/13/22) and lesser than or equal to another cell (date 03/20/22), count it

=COUNTIFS({Campaign Referral Tracker Range 1}, 1, {Campaign Referral Tracker Range 2}, "Site", {Campaign Referral Tracker Range 8}, >=[Week 2]3, {Campaign Referral Tracker Range 8}, <=[Week 2]4)


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